Color change and 20 years paint protection !?

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This article is for those of you who’s vehicle is more than a method of traveling from A to B. And no, it is definitely not a glorified car-wash! It’s detailing on a whole new level!

It's a carefully, thoroughly thought, meticulous process, that will take weeks to complete.

Orange Peel Removal or Paint Corrected to 95 to 99% perfection, paint protected with Clear Paint Protection Film against stone-chips, color changed with a Vinyl Wrap & wrap protected with a Ceramic Coating for a dazzling gloss, hydrophobic, show-car finish, that will blow your mind! 

A combo of such gigantic proportion, will add the following amount of years to your ride: (click on each to learn more about the service)

The Paint will received a guaranteed 14 years protection. With an expected life-span of 20 years+, if maintained properly, of course.

We're talking stone-chips, major scratches, all outdoor elements, bird droppings, marring, minor bumper scrapes, key scratches, graffiti vandalism and much more.

If you absolutely love your vehicle, but don't quite like the color, or would simply like to try a different color for a while, the above combo will fit you perfectly.

Other services performed on this vehicle are: Badges removal and placement, Trims, Lights, Windows and Wheels ceramic coated, black vinyl wrapping stripe and black accents plasti-dipped.

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