What are vinyl wraps?

Vinyl wraps are specially designed self-adhesive film that comes in hundreds of colours and patterns that change the appearance of a vehicle, while protecting the original paint.

What are the benefits of car vinyl wrapping?

  • Lasts up to 10 years

  • 100% Removable & revertible to original paint

  • Unique variety of colours and patterns available

  • Changes the colour of your car, while keeping the original paint intact

  • Possibility to wrap your vehicle fully in one colour, two tone combo, partially or just stripes

  • A wrap it is a guaranteed way to stand out from the crowd of standardized looking vehicles

  • It can be removed and re-wrapped multiple times. It will look and feel like a new car every single time

  • Acts as a thick protection for paint against scratches, bird poo, over-spray, graffiti, scratches and most stone chips

Why not just paint the car a different colour? 

Unless the vehicle needs repainting due to top coat failing or there is panel damage, wrapping is almost always a better option.

By repainting a vehicle in a different colour, its value will decrease as it is no longer the factory paint. A paint job it is permanent, so it can’t be reversed without huge cost. There will still be no protection for the paint, making it susceptible to all the damage an outdoor environment will cause, resulting in high repairing costs. Cost wise, a full car vinyl wrap is generally 2 to 3 times lower than the cost of repainting.

Want to learn more about wrapping?

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Exterior Partial Wrapping

Partial wrapping is done to give your vehicle more of a contrast look.

  • Two tone, or multiple tone wraps

  • Bonnet & Roof

  • Stripes and Designs

  • Side mirrors, door pillars & spoilers

  • Side mirrors, pillars, handles, grills, badges and other small parts

Complete Wraps

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