Calving Promotion!

Do you have what it takes?



With the busy calving season coming to an end, the New Zealand farmer had 99 problems but a clean truck wasn't one!
We understand and agree, but once calving is finished, lets get that truck cleaned up ae!  

All the trucks coming our way this month, will receive 5% off their total price + a "Free Pizza" Coupon for Domino's.


But here's where normal stops and crazy begins - we thought: "lets reward the dirtiest trucks that will come our way".



1st place - 50% off YOUR total service price
2nd place - 30% off YOUR total service price
3rd place - 15% off YOUR total service price



Promotion ends 20th of October. The winners will be selected by votes on our Facebook page on the 25th of OCT.


Share it with your fellow farmers & lets see how bad it can get!


Extra Info, Terms & Conditions

  • Payments can be done with RuralCo, Credit Card, Eftpos, Cash or Online Transfer. 
  • Get both interior & exterior done and also receive a 10% credit to use on your next visit.
  • The truck must be inspected first - quotes are done at no costs at 55 Dobson Street, Ashburton, Behind Domino's Pizza - or call 027 3333 687.
  • Bookings available starting from 5th of September.
  • Promotion limited to Interior & Exterior General Grooming Packages
  • Any truck, van & suv will benefit of the 5% OFF + Free Pizza.
  • Minimum 8 trucks to kick-start the cashback prizes (6 trucks as of 17th of October). If we get under 8 trucks total, then the prizes will be halved. 
  • Extra charges may apply on neglected vehicles - charges will be discussed during the inspection.


One of our biggest transformations so far