Make your car as unique as you are !


Do you really like your current or future car, but wish it was a different colour? Give it a make-over and wrap it to the colour you really like!

There are hundreds of colours and patterns available for gloss and matte finishes. You are the designer and the sky's the limit - now lets get down to details and make it happen.

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What is vinyl wrapping?

Vinyl wrapping is a specially designed self-adhesive film that comes in many colours and patterns allowing you to change the appearance of a vehicle without any risk of damaging the OEM paint.

Why not just paint the car? 

Unless the vehicle needs to be repainted due to the top coat peeling or panel damage, painting could decrease the overall value of the car and the paint quality may not be to the original factory paint standard. In some cases it costs up to 4 times more than wrapping.

What are some wrapping benefits?

  • Changes the colour of your car without affecting the original paint

  • Unique variety of colours and patterns available

  • Design it as you would like it. Full wrap, two tone, partial or stripes

  • At least 3 years duration and up to 10 years, depending on the brand

  • Thick protection for the paint against most stone chips, scratches, bird poo, over-spray and acts of vandalism 

  • Stands out from the crowd of standard looking vehicles

  • The paint will look like new once vinyl is applied

  • Remove and re-wrap at will. It will look and feel like a new car!

Note of warning. A vinyl wrap has its limitation, and it should only be stretched up to 30%. It will not conform perfectly over welded points & rivets. It should not be applied over textured surfaces (trims) or repainted vehicles which have been not been primed correctly. Wrapping is a complicated craft to learn & every surface has a limited number of approaches available to achieve an excellent result. A wrapping job will never look as good as a professionally done repaint as you cannot sand or heavily polish a wrap but a light polish is fine.

Vinyl wrapping results can vary from installer to installer. Patience is key as a full wrap might take more than 2 weeks to complete. Once the wrap encounters both hot and cold extremities over 1 to 2 weeks it becomes acclimatized. After this it will often require several follow-up appointments to perfect the job. Once completed, the wrap will last you many years. 

At Iconic, we’ve been doing car wraps for over 5 years & have people specialised in vinyl wrapping.

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Brands Available

A brief insight into what is available. Best to come see them in person.

Finishes available: Gloss, Gloss Metallic, Mirror Chrome, Matte, Matte Metallic, Matte Chrome, Carbon Fiber, Brushed Alluminium, Skin & Snake Leather 

Interior Trim Wrapping

There are some interior trims that just do not match the overall car, they may be outdated or you would like a change.

Wrapping will give you the look you want and at the same time protect the original trim, which can always be reveled or hidden when it comes time to sell the vehicle. 

Exterior Partial Wrapping

Partial wrapping is done to give your vehicle a bit of an attitude, add a bit of contrast or just increase or decrease the visual accent. 

1. Two tone, or multiple tone wrap

2. Bonnet & Roof

3. Stripes and Designs

4. Side mirrors, door pillers & spoilers

5. Handles, grills, badges & other small parts

6. Side mirrors, pillers, handles, grills, badges and other small parts



Complete Wraps

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