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2013 Range Rover - 2 Stages Paint Correction where used.

INTRO: Whether it is a vintage, standard or an exotic car, the overall condition depends on the way their owner looks after it. If you put a 3 months old car through weekly fast car washes with the best intentions in mind, it can look worse than a 15 years old car that's been maintained and cared for by professionals.

Paint is affected by a large number of elements. Extreme Temperature Variation, UV Rays, Acid Rain, Sap, Tar, Over-spray and more predictable damage such as scratches & swirls caused by automatic car washes or by improper hand washing techniques, tools & wrong cleaning chemicals.

START: First we thoroughly wash & decontaminate the surface. We clay bar the paint, remove all oils and waxes currently on the surface followed by a thorough compress air and microfiber drying process. Lastly, we tape all sensible trim and rubber areas and only now, 2 to 3 hours later being the actual paint correcting process.

PROCESS: It is possible to make the paint look like new again. We have 4 steps in our arsenal for correcting your paint & depending on your vehicle's condition, we may use them all 4 or we may use just one. Our Paint Correction works by leveling down the surface until the scratches are 90 to 100% gone (depending on the owner's choice). No fillers are used to hide or mask the scratch - This is a genuine repaired surface. 

AFTERMATH: Once the paint has been brought to a like new, some type protection must be applied to ensure the paint will stay in this highly detailed condition. Either Paint Protection Films, Ceramic Coatings or Waxes.

Once the protection is applied, the vehicle must be looked after on a regular basis. We can help you to looks after the automobile or we can do it for you - view our maintenance packages here: Regular Maintenance.


Mini / Coupe

Paint Correction:
1 stage: $300
 2 stages: $550
 3 stages: $800
4 stages: $1,000

Sedan / Hatch

Paint Correction:
1 stage: $350
 2 stages: $650
 3 stages: $950
4 stages: $1,200

Suv / Truck

Paint Correction:
1 stage: $400
 2 stages: $750
 3 stages: $1,100
4 stages: $1,400

"The closest we get to perfection - a true Supercar finish !"

To be done only once in the vehicle's lifetime



Intro: About 20 years ago, orange peel wasn't the norm. That slowly changed and now even manufacturers renowned for their luxury and supreme engineering such as BMW & Mercedes sell their cars without properly removing the orange peel.

Removing orange peel can only be done once the paint is fully cured, it is time consuming as tens of hours can be spend removing it & would frankly hurt their bottom line. This process is still a must for the high end supercars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. 

Process: Before starting the work, we measure the paint thickness to ensure there the paint is thick enough to move forward with the sanding. Depending on your vehicle's paint type, harder (eg. european cars) or softer (asian cars) and the vehicle's condition, we can use up to 5 different sanding grits, always starting with the least aggressive and moving up until the right combination is found. 

Once the paint is flat, with few or no peaks in the paint, we move on to Paint Correcting. A minimum of 3 steps will be used to make the paint look better than it ever did.

The best thing is that once the orange peel is remove, it will never come back again - leaving you to enjoy the clear reflection, mirror like finish only found in High End, Exotic Cars.



Bring back the clarity in your lights

2005 Nissan Skyline headlights restored - 3 steps were used


Headlights clarity is not only an cosmetic issue, but also a safety issue if allowed to deteriorate. That's why the lights are checked when the Warrant Of Fitness is  done.

As it is the case with most headlights, overtime they slowly start degrading: oxidation, scratches, fading & yellowing, all affect the headlights clarity and their overall durability.  If they are bright and clear, ensure to have them protected - if not, we may be able to help restoring them to their former glory.

The method used is similar to the orange peel removal process but on a much smaller scale. We may use 3 different sanding grits to remove imperfection and level down the area until is smooth. Then, 3 polishing steps are used to bring back the transparent clarity. Once the clarity is back, some sort of protection is essential to ensure they will stay clear for a long time.


The finest repair of stone chip

Prices start at $165

We recommend the detailed touch-up to be done only to valuable vehicles as this is a 6 step process. For daily drivers, a general 2 step touch up will be enough.

Any touch up is better than no touch-up. Leaving the surface exposed will cause the metal to rust (considering it went all the way through the paint) & more often than not, the layers underneath the top paint are different in color, making the stone chips stand out even more.

Our detailed touch-up process is much more different than our standard touch-ups. The area to be touched is thoroughly cleaned to remove any oils, the edges of the chip are carefully sanded until they are smooth, then the touch up paint is safely dabbed into the chip and left to dry. Once dried, the freshly touched up area will receive a very light sand to remove the "crown" and level the paint down. Once that's done, we polish the areas to a high gloss and defect free surface, leaving you to wonder ... where were the stone chips?



  • Bull Bars Polishing
  • Wheel Polishing
  • Windscreen Polishing


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