Our philosophy: Progress as a life-style


"We exist to challenge the old norm and raise the bar. We believe that a healthy and excited life is when progress is made; a life where we are constantly bettering ourselves and improving our surroundings for the benefit of us all. We view progress as a life-style, the next exciting step just waiting to be made in the attaining of your goals and dreams.

Time is invaluable. At Iconic we free people from the tasks of maintaining their vehicle in high standards, by using our knowledge and expertise in achieving and continually exceeding those high standards. Our job at Iconic is to help people maximize their time and effort doing what they do best, doing what is important to them. Our job is helping people move forward towards a world where we all live up to our full potential in our life's choosings and create meaningful and fulfilled lives for ourselves and everyone around us.

We take it upon ourselves to raise the bar in our personal lives and our workmanship. We sincerely congratulate everyone that does just that. Living progress as a life-style."

Iconic Car Care

The premier one stop car care shop


Become the most convenient & premier one stop shop for car care related services.
A convenient place where people get the services that they want and
rest assure that work will be delivered to a high standard.



Your partner in car care


Our mission is to provide high workmanship standards, keep an open and honest partnership with our
loyal customers and continue the researching, testing and implementing for new car
care services in order to provide a more convenient, one stop car care shop.  

Moto: Iconic - Your Partner In Car Care